Air Quality Knowledge

1. Emissions from freight transport is rising faster than that of passenger transport.

2. Road freight emissions from trucks will soon become the single largest source of emissions.

3. In India, trucks despite consisting of 5% of the vehicle parc consume 45% of the transport fuel, and emits 63% of CO2 and 59% of particulate matter(PM).

4. Various interventions are available to reduce the fuel consumption and improve efficiency of trucks and the freight sector.

5. Empty trips account for almost 40% of the total truck trips.

6. Poor loading efficiency and overloading also cause substantial inefficiencies in the sector.

7. Through a online platform that brings together truck users and suppliers, significant gains of almost INR 50,000 can be made when the empty trips is reduced by 10%.

8. For more information on green freight programs, initiatives, fuel saving options, please see


Stay tuned for more information and tools on how you can play a role in improving the air quality while improving your business efficiency.