4 Year Ago

Does Indian Trucking Operations Need an Upgrade?

Many Experts say that Indian Trucking industry is very unorganized and unstructured. Due to this, there are various inefficiencies and coordination challenges to ship material over long distances. Not just this, but there are other problems such as presence of corruption at various levels and lack of transparency. Good governance is lacking even in many medium and large companies involved with trucking operations. There are, of course, many companies, small and large, that have excellent processes and people who are running their respective transportation operations smoothly as well as efficiently. Nonetheless, given the large scale and unorganized nature of the industry, it is hard to pin point exact statistics for the issues that are currently plaguing the industry.

Here are some of the questions to consider:

  • How real are these problems?
  • Are there ways to overcome some of these problems? If so, what are some of the best practices or ways to overcome these challenges?
  • What do Truck Users (Shippers) need to do get a quality service from suppliers?
  • What do Truck Suppliers need to do in order to get better treatment and fair rates from Shippers?

FreightBazaar is working to address some of the problem areas of shippers and truck suppliers by building a better facilitation platform on the basis of assuring superior customer service and technology. Being in the middle, we have seen perspective of both sides. We believe that through use of technology and timely interventions, there is a way to increase transparency and reduce co-ordination issues that arise especially during long-distance shipping.

Other industries such as retail, airline, food, banking and even commuter taxi service have gone through the evolution over the last decade. As a result, both service providers as well as customers have benefited. It is the time that we see positive changes in the way trucking transportation services are offered and managed. Service providers need to adhere to their commitments and truck users need to be fair in their transaction with the supplier. As both sides begin to carry out transactions with mutual respect and sense of partnership, better the experience will be for both sides. Using facilitation tools and trip management features like the ones offered by FreightBazaar, both sides can manage the trucking deliveries conveniently and more professionally.

We are all one way or the other linked through the long supply chain that starts with sourcing of material to make products that get distributed and delivered for our consumption. Majority of movement of these material and products happen by road.

In other words, Trucking is the foundation for movement of material that we need in our daily lives. Then, why not look at improving the truck hiring processes and bring positive change in the overall quality of experience for those associated with the trucking related operations? Let us hope that the coming transformation of the Indian Trucking Industry will significantly improve the lives of those involved. After all, industry with a manpower of around 10 Million (1 Crore) people should aspire to a better decade!

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