2 Year Ago

Freight Bazaar is getting ready with more value additions


Bhaven Shah, Co-Founder of FreightBazaar, in an exclusive conversation with Ritwik Sinha talks about his journey with Ganesh Rewanwar, the evolution of the company, the increasing adoption of technology in the domestic logistics space and new offerings which the company intends to add to the base platform.

In this exclusive interview, Bhaven Shah shares how the journey of FreightBazaar – India’s most reliable and efficient platform to manage freight transportation operations has started. How they came up with this idea and how their, this step will positively impact the entire eco-system including shippers, truck owners, drivers, and environment.

He also shares how FreightBazaar is coming with new inventions in the logistic industry like with cashless card for drivers and truck suppliers which will help them to reduce their working capital requirements and eliminate the need for drivers to carry cash during the trips.

Also, he shares the broader milestones which FreightBazaar would chase in the next two years.

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