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FreightBazaar Introduces New E-Way Bill Features

FreightBazaar is India’s most reliable and cost-effective inter-city FTL platform and at FreightBazaar, we strongly believe in bringing new innovations in the industry which will help you to grow your business and run your trucking operations smoothly. 

Benefits of managing e-Way bill through FreightBazaar:
 1. No need to login separately into E-Way Bill portal for E-way bill management (only one-time registration on E-Way Bill portal is required).
2. View all your loads, trips and E-Way Bills on a single platform.
3. Create, View and Update E-Way Bills for your trips.
4. Generate Consolidated E-Way Bill.
5. Generate Bulk/Multiple E-Way Bill by using an Excel sheet.

1. Manage e-Way Bill:

Under Manage E-way bill screen user can see the all E-Way bill functionalities and can also see the listing of all generated E-Way bills. One can see and print the E-Way bill. We are providing following functionalities:


We are generating the same e-Way bill as NSDL.


2. Request e-Way Bill:

A customer can generate the e-way bill for any his/her trip. There is also one more tab for Rules for generating the e-way bill for customer guideline. The E-way bill comprises of two parts Part A – For Consignment details and Part B – For Transporter details.

3. Consolidated e-Way Bill:

Consolidated e-way bill is a document containing the multiple e-way bills for multiple consignments being carried in one conveyance (goods vehicle). That is, the transporter, carrying the multiple consignments of various consignors and consignees in one vehicle is required to carry one consolidated e-way bill instead of carrying multiple e-way bills for those consignments.

In this form also has one more tab of ‘rules for consolidate e-way bill’ in which describe rules for generating a consolidated e-way bill.

4. Update e-Way Bill:

It is used to update for moving a single consignment in multiple vehicles from transshipment place. Earlier, separate delivery challans had to be raised first for consignment moving in multiple-vehicles, followed by generation of separate e-way bills for the same.

5. View/Reject/Cancel e-Way Bill:

User can View/Reject/Cancel the E-Way bill and for this,user needs to get the E-Way bill by entering E-Way bill number. View e-way Bill gives detail of e-way bill and user can also print it. If e-way bill generated by other party and user is participating in this trip then user can reject this e-way bill

6. Bulk e-Way Bill:

FreightBazaar Provide Feature to generate multiple E-way bills for a number of trips at the same time by upload excel sheet. In this functionality, user must follow the format of the excel sheet according to given example. By click on “download Excel format” link user get the proper format of excel to generate multiple e-way bill request. User must to add one request in one sheet and User must need to set e-way bill requests, One sheet must have one request only.

You need to do following before start generating e-Way Bill:

  • Registration on the e-Way Bill portal.
  • The Invoice/Bill/Challan related to the consignment of goods must be in hand.
  • If transport is by road – Transporter ID or the Vehicle number.
  • User can create Username and password to use E-Way Bill Portal.

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