3 Months Ago

FreightBazaar introduces Share Truck Availability

For every supplier / broker, getting a load in timely manner is a big challenge. Lengthy process makes it loss making proposition for fleet owners. Sometimes, suppliers commit even before unloading is completed indirectly risking credibility in the market.

At Freightbazaar, we are comitted to provide a platform that provides loads to suppliers in timely manner. As a part of this, we had introduced a new feature called “Truck Availability Sharing” wherein, you can also get loads from your regular contacts / customers in addition to loads on Freightbazaar loadboard. With this, your trucks do not wait.

With this feature, supplier can share his truck availability with multiple contacts with single click in timely manner via any mode of communication. No need to call or visit personally (contactless Trucking).

What is  Share Truck Availability

  • Share list of available truck along with routes with single swipe
  • Can be shared through any mode such as SMS, Whatsapp, etc.

Benefits of Share Truck Availability

  • Place vehicles on time
  • No need to type or call multiple times to contacts.
  • Reach customers even phones are engaged
  • Grow your business
  • No need to go physically to broker / customer offices (Contactless trucking)

You can get further details on Share Truck Availability by clicking below video

Share Truck Availability Video

To join Share Truck Availability kindly register yourself on FreightBazaar platform by visiting www.freightbazaar.com

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