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Private Trip for Shippers - Track trip without GPS

Tracking a shipment is a major pain point in the supply chain management. Supply chain requirements are becoming dynamic day-by-day.  Therefore, problem is becoming complex. Newer technologies and approached are being tried and used by the stakeholder. 

There are two ends of this spectrum. On one side, there is  a carrier and on the other side, there is The shipper (Logistics company) or manufacturer or the client or all of them.


In today’s world, customers and stakeholders are looking for real time data such as the exact location at any given point of time, its arrival & dispatch status, in transit location etc. However, shipment dynamics change depending upon cargo type, customer type, company processes and roles of stakeholders. Therefore, it becomes difficult for carriers to provide a reliable solution to the customer. At the same time, trust deficit over carrier’s increases when something goes wrong. Their role remains confined to telling the location of the truck when call is received or providing GPS login credentials. They just remain interface.

While tracking the location of vehicles is an easy task with any GPS tracking system, the task becomes difficult when more and more data starts coming through increased ping rate and volume. When market vehicles are hired, GPS tracking becomes difficult and sim-based tracking is used. This makes job more complex. Therefore, tracking data is captured and monitored in silos. Therefore, this information gets used only for controlling delays. But tracking information can be used for multiple purposes in order to optimize supply chain, reduce costs and accelerate cash cycle  

A cloud based collaborative platform providing access to stakeholders can become effective solution for the same. To address these problems FreightBazaar has introduced a solution called “Private Trip”.

Private Trip is a visibility solution designed to address dynamic requirements of shippers. Private Trip is an open to all, which records transactions and major activities in verifiable and permanent way.  

FreightBazaar is providing private trip management feature to manage your trips online on FreightBazaar.  


What is Private Trip for Shippers? 

·  Private Trip helps you in managing and tracking the trip when you directly place the truck from your suppliers / market 

·  One can track the trip even without GPS device 

·  Provides payments and transaction overview 

·  Digitized documentation and processes such e-way bill, e-PoD, etc 


How it helps to Shippers? 

·  Private Trip helps you in managing and tracking the trip when you directly place the truck from your suppliers / market 

·  Hire vehicles from the market without worrying about GPS 

·  Share Trip locations with Customers. No more frequent calls 

·  Better Customer Service 

·  Trip-wise Payments reconciliation 

·  Maintain all records at one location 

·  Scheduled MIS Reporting 

·  Grow your business 


Special offer for Shippers !!! 

We feel you are a valuable customer to Freight Bazaar, as an introductory exclusive offer, we are offering you Basic Plan for Private Trips. Through Private trip, you can track the trips through TrukPal app and share the trips with your contacts. No GPS is required. As a part of this plan, you can manage upto 100 trips per month on the platform. There will be a transaction charge of Rs. 100 per trip for any trips above 100 trips in a calendar month. 


You can get further details on Private Trip by clicking below video 

Private Trip for Shippers 

To start Private Trip kindly register yourself on FreightBazaar platform by visiting www.freightbazaar.com 

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