Complete Freight & Fleet management solution

Find load and truck avalability, truck hiring, truck booking, trip & freight management and live trip tracking.

Our Features

Full Stack Platform

FreightBazaar is Full Stack platform covering from truck hiring to payments. Manage your transportation at single location.

Document Vault and Management

Upload business, truck & driver documents online. Exchange & view documents online.

Quote Management

Truck users can request for the quotations from the Truck Suppliers. Use Quote Management and get the best price.


Post Quotation, Truck Users and Truck Suppliers can provide specific details of the transaction and agree to the terms. Once agreed, terms are frozen and both parties receive e-confirmation for the Truck Hiring with details of agreed terms.

Easy e-confirmation process for load and truck availability.
Load available for truck suppliers
Truck available for truck users

Risk Mitigation Tools

Transacting parties can see Customer Profiles of each party. In built filters to mitigate risks. E-confirm with details of agreed terms to avoid potential issues.


Entire Truck hiring process is automated online. No need to make calls.

Multi-channel Platform

Transact through website or android app. Do not have a computer or smartphone or access to internet. No worries. Use our USSD application on basic mobiles. Our Call Center is always available to help you.

Minimal Fixed Charges

Pay only when you do the business on freightBazaar. There is a nominal membership fees to ensure that you transact with only genuine parties.